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"" is the official website of the "Aéroport du Valenciennois". This website has been created and is updated by designated airport personnel.


 The editorial director is Mister Jacques Schneider in his president's position, heading the organisation in charge of directing and exploiting the airport.


SMIX aéroport du Valenciennois
ZI n°2 Parc d'activités Est
59 121 Prouvy
Fax : 33 (0)3 27 21 11 24
N° tél (accueil) : 33 (0)3 27 21 03 66
N° SIRET : 255 902 603 00018

This site was realized autonomously from the interface proposed by the WIX company.

WIX site adress is as following :

Wix LTD.


Boîte Postale N° : 40190, San Francisco, CA 94140, Etats-Unis



Photos available on the website of the airport of Valenciennois are supplied by the staff of the airport, with the exception of pictures picked up through links towards outer sites which are the property of our partners.
The reproduction or the publication of photos alignment in the gallery are possible wether not being diverted to illustrate or rest words which would be against the law.


Personal Data - Your rights

In law enforcement " Computing and Liberties " N 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 modified, no personal datum is collected without your knowledge by the airport of Valenciennois. "The space out member" is suceptible to contain personal data, but they would have been freely displayed in line by a member to the other members..

A contact form is provided with "to contact us" and/or "ask for information". The information collected in this form won't be unveiled on any account in thirds and your personal data will be subject to no other treatment on behalf of the airport of Valenciennois.

You have a right for accessing, rectificating, modificating, and deleting concerning the data you are concerned by. If you wish to use this right, you can address at any time by mail :

SMIX aéroport du Valenciennois

ZI n°2 Parc d'activités Est

59 121 Prouvy

or by email : or

Warning - Rights Reserved (c) 


This site is the property of the "Syndicat mixte de l'aéroport du Valenciennois" which is the author in the sense of articles L. 111-1 and following ones of the french Code of the intellectual property. With the exception of the pictures in the gallery which, furthermore, cannot be copied or reproduced for advertising purposes and/or commercial and/or of information (article L. 122-5 2 ° of the aforesaid code), the other pictures, texts, and the mottos are the property of the "Syndicat mixte de l'aéroport du Valenciennois" or the third party authorizing the Syndicat to use them.

The "Syndicat mixte de l'aéroport du Valenciennois" does not guarantee that this site is exempt from defect, error, or omission, and that it corresponds exactly to the use for which the user intends, in particular the users of aeronautics. It can be held responsible for no account for possible defects, errors or omissions existing in this site, and possible financial losses or other damage which can result from it.
Hypertext links set up within the framework of the present Website in the direction of other present resources on the Internet network, would not know how to engage the responsibility of the "Syndicat mixte de l'aéroport du Valenciennois", in particular with regard to the contents of these sites.

Protection of private life and confidentiality

The users of the site have to respect the provisions of IT law and liberties, the violation of which is liable to penalties. They have to refrain in particular, as regards the name specific information which they reach, of any collection, any diverted use and, generally speaking, any act susceptible to infringe on privacy or in the reputation of the people. This declaration mainly applies to the space "members '" .


Protection of the law and order

The computing means of communication made available, the users should not convey any message. The article 227-24 of the Penal code punishes the fact of spreading messages with violent, pornographic character or likely to carry seriously affected in the human dignity.


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