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Opening H24 7/7 : 

Regular working hours (RWH) - from Monday to Friday, 08:00 am to 12:00 am, and  from 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Afis phone number : 03 27 21 11 60.

During off RWH : opening possibly requested before 06:00 pm by

FAX : 03 27 21 11 24 or e-mail :

As for opening on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays : on request, by phone : 06 80 66 31 00.


Fire Brigade (SSLIA) :

Regular working hours (RWH) = Level 3 possibly up to Level 4 with a PPR PN  48HR

During off RWH = Niveau 1   On-call Telephone : 06 71 30 21 44.


On-call duty : one AFIS agent and firefighter(s) according to the requested level.    


BP Petrol station :  (AIR BP) 100LL - JET A1

Means for payment :

         Regular working hours : in the hall at the reception desk / Visa Card - BP Card - Currencies (removed as from July 1st, 2016).

         Off RWH : automaton with BP Card - H24 next to the pump.                         

PCL : activation on request, working day before needed 5 pm loc.


Weather report : no autonomous meteo station, basic informations level 1.


Flight plans : Flight plan form completion possible in the control tower.


Aircraft categories : up to 70 t  / 150 seats  (EMB145, FOKKER100, MD90).


Aircraft hangar : no shelter dedicated to transient aircraft.


Rest room crew : Free WIFI, television, air conditioning.


Access to the public area during off RWH : possible through a gate with a digicode, situated on right-hand side, loking at the terminal from the parking. The procedure for scheduling a code is explained on a paper next to the digicode box. It is then possible to come back into the reglemented area.


Passenger processing:


Reception hall.

RX luggage Controller - certified safety agents.

Departure lounge.

Sanitary flights and people repatriation.

Access, installations, and services adapted to persons with disabilities and/or reduced mobility.

Air-conditioned meeting room (possibility of reservation).

Welcome Telephone : 03 27 21 03 66.


Cargo handling:


Certified safety agents for the control of the secured freight.

Trained agents for loading - unloading.


No accomodation area.


Airport equipment :


Fenwick, lifting table, trollies luggage carriers.

GPU (supplied 400 hz - 28 VDC).



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